Dot-com domain names

People are naturally attracted to quality dot-com domain names. It is well established that the dot-com domain name is the best extension there is. There is nothing better than a quality dot-com domain name for recognition and credibility.

A quality domain name that is unique is probably the most effective and best marketing tool for a successful Internet business.

Demand continues to grow and it is easy to understand why. High quality generic dot-com domain names rarely come on the market. All the good ones are already registered and very few are for sale. When a domain name is already developed very few owners want to part with it.

A high quality generic dot-com domain name is one of the most important necessity for a professional site and it will appreciate in value while using it.

A serious business will not consider anything else than a quality dot-com domain name. Clients will find it easier to remember a quality generic dot-com domain name that is relevant and means something.

Some people may consider a new suffix. We find it extremely hard to see any benefit that a new suffix may offer.

The new suffixes may attract new inexperienced operators, but they won't attract any serious operator that does not first own the dot-com version of the domain name. We believe that before long, these new operators will find themselves with a virtually useless and worthless domain name.

The more we see and hear about these new suffixes, and the more we get the strong feeling that it is a huge marketing scam and rip off for the inexperienced.

See this realistic article for more details.

It is easy to recognize a good domain name when you see it, and people will instantly recognize a bad one.

A quality dot-com domain name that is unique helps to be the market leader. Customers immediately know that the site is serious. A high quality generic domain name helps to build up credibility.

With a quality generic dot-com domain name:

  • Sales and conversion rates will be much higher.
  • The share of the market will increase.
  • The site will get much more repeat business and quality business.
  • It adds credibility.
  • It can replace expensive marketing.
  • It has enormous potential for growth.
  • The dot-com is the main extension for international business on the Internet.
  • When people see a unique quality dot-com domain name, they develop a positive first impression.
  • The domain name is the brand on the Internet.
  • It pays to own the best possible domain name.

Bad domain names:

It is a lot easier to find a low quality domain name because there are so many on the market.

There is no point to expect users to remember a bad domain name because they will not.

A low quality domain name is inferior and will remain inferior. It is a liability, and it is for people that missed the boat or do not plan to be in business for long. Consumers very quickly associate it with a loser.

Some losers will try to convince customers that any domain name is good enough simply because they are using it. It goes from strange and weird domain names to the wrong extensions or suffixes.

This is a strategy for losers and it does not work with consumers. Consumers have a strong preference for a quality domain name. It attracts them and give them confidence, which is essential on the Internet.

The vast majority of domain names offered on the market are very low quality. Most are useless and worthless. The more you search and the more junk you will find. It pays to stay focused on quality and not consider anything else.