All domain names are not created equal.
We focus on quality generic domain names for branding and credibility. They are descriptive, easy to spell and remember and easy to pronounce. Branding is an important component of any business.  On the Internet more than anywhere else to have a memorable brand with a reputation that people trust is essential. In today’s competitive Internet economy it is important to have a domain name that helps build global brand recognition.
With a quality domain name you are part of the world’s biggest brand and your business will be respected globally.  The dot-com is the gold standard of the Internet. With a quality domain name you can be seen as the respected authority of that category. Our domain names are also very good to resell or generate income for many years.  Consumers are attracted to quality dot-com domain names. The dot-com domain name is the best extension there is and nothing comes close to it. They are also so much superior to any new suffix.
A quality domain name gives recognition and credibility and this means more profits for you. When possible, it should not be more than two words long. It is most probably the most effective and best marketing tool for a successful Internet business. It is also a smart investment because it should appreciate while using it.
Consumers will find it easier to remember an original quality generic dot-com domain name that is relevant and means something and they will also know that the site is serious.  To copy and use a variation is never a good idea.  Some companies do it the hard way by spending large sums and years of hard work, instead of getting the right domain name in the first place.